Packaging Design, Pallet Optimization and Stacking Analysis over the Internet

Design and pallet optimization program

TOPSePAC is a light weight, web browser based package design and pallet optimization program. It’s a perfect tool for package engineers on the road and at customer sites. No installation, no IT involvement and you are always running the latest version.

For full functionality of carton and pallet optimization, inlcuding products, intermediate package, shipcase, pallets, to vehicles, please see TOPS Pro software, available as desktop or web application.

TOPSePAC helps users save money by making sure the product is optimized for shipping.

  • Save money by making sure your product is optimized for shipping
  • Web-based packaging design and optimization software
  • Use the most cost effective box by calculating stacking strength
  • Communicate your packaging specifications over the World Wide Web
  • Stay up to date with the latest version of TOPSePAC
  • Freedom to use on any platform running Internet Explorer*
  • Fast, easy and intuitive so you can get work done with minimal learning
  • Lower total cost of ownership

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