Finds the Box & Paper Strength

Can the box withstand stacking weight and holdup during transit?

Use TOPS Pro to Reduce Product Damage & Materials Costs

The Stacking Strength or Compression Analysis function provides data to decide on the optimal paper and board grade to minimize product damage during transit and storage.

TOPS Pro offers a host of mechanical and environment analyses to ensure your savings in corrugated costs and minimize product damage during transport or storage. It uses the McKee formula along with other factors provided below to calculate stacking strength or compression results based on Edge Crush, Ring Crush, or Kellicut answers. You have full flexibility to enter your own paper and board values or use the ones predefined in the TOPS database. You can also “filter” out values for quick reference. The result is the use of optimal material specification for safe product storage and transportation while minimizing costs.

Environmental Analysis

The analysis takes into consideration the amount of time the pallet loads will be kept in storage, estimated humidity in the environment, and how high the pallets are stacked.

Unitload Data

How boxes are stacked on the pallet contributes to the stability of the load – a column stacked pattern with aligned corners and sides creates a support beam structure in the unitload. Presence and amount of overhang and layer rotation will also affect stability of the loads.

Board Grade and Papers

TOPS Pro comes with a database of standard board grades and papers. You can also enter all of your custom values in the TOPS Configuration program and have them ready to go the next time you run a stacking strength analysis.

Product and Divider Support

Depending on the kind of product inside the shipcase, this can provide additional support to the load, the same applies to the use of dividers inside the shipcase. The stacking strength results from TOPS are simple, easy to read and can be emailed as an HTML file to share with your colleagues.

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