• Optimize Packaging Design

  • Size Shipcase and Carton

  • Configure Pallet Layout

  • Load Trucks & Containers

  • Build Mixed Pallets

MaxLoad Pro

Mixed cargo load & cube optimization software for containers, trucks, and pallet loading

  • Eliminate guess work and accurately forecast orders to number of trucks, containers, and pallets.
  • Streamline communication of orders with 3D load diagrams and reports.
  • Calculate accurate freight metrics at time of order processing.
  • Optimize LTL less-than-truckload orders with efficient mixed pallets.
  • Improve weight distribution and balance axle weights.


Packaging Design, Case Sizing and Pallet Layer Optimization Software

  • Right size cases to maximize product on the pallet.
  • Reduce product damage in transit through box compression analysis.
  • Evaluate hundreds of pack-out and palletization scenarios ranked by efficiency.
  • Reduce transportation costs with end-to-end packaging optimization.
  • Create display and point-of-purchase pallets with custom graphics.

Who is using our software

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