TOPS Pro software knowledge base

General Information

stand-alone license can only be loaded onto one single computer and be used by only one user at a time at that computer. 

network or floating license is loaded onto a network file share and can be accessible on as many client PCs as desired. The number of network seats purchased will dictate how many concurrent users can run TOPS at one time. For example if you have installed TOPS on 5 client machines, but only have a 2 user network, only 2 users would be allowed to use TOPS concurrently.

There are advantages to both types of licenses; we recommend contacting our Solution Advisors to discuss which option is appropriate for your intended usage.

Login to TOPS as any user and go to Help →About.

At the top it should indicate your software version. The serial number information is also displayed here.

TOPS Data is stored in a database under the TOPS Pro\Data folder. If you want to access this data outside the database, you will need to “export” it from the software first. The data will be exported as a text (.txt) file only, which you can convert to a .csv file for easier viewing.

To Export your TOPS Pro data:

1.   Open the TOPS Pro Config program and login.

2.   Once you have opened TOPS Pro Config, log in as the Supervisor using the password “tops software”.

(NOTE: Logging in as the Supervisor ensures you get the data for ALL users. If you only want to export the data for one user, simply login as that user when launching TOPS Pro Config.)

3.   Under the Data heading, click on Export Data.

4.   Check the boxes for what type(s) of data you want to export. Then click Browse to select where you want to export the data to, and what you want to name the text file. Finally, click Export.

No, TOPS is geared for single SKU optimization only. We have another product, MaxLoad Pro, for optimizing mixed items, say at a warehouse or distribution level.

However, we do include a module in TOPS Pro called the MixPro Mixed Pallet Editor, where you can select and load mixed SKU loads manually.

TOPS Pro has two different ‘Lite’ versions.

PackStak Pro is designed to size new shipcases. You can dictate the number of items going into a shipcase and PackStak can tell you how large the shipcase should be to accommodate those goods.

LoadStak Pro is specifically is designed for fixed shipcases to be loaded to pallets to determine UL sizes.

Contact our Solutions Advisors for further information.

In TOPS Pro, the Supervisor user has the rights to delete users, see all analysis files, change default settings, and more. To login as the Supervisor, follow these instructions:

1. Login as any user.

2. Open the Supervisor menu and select the Login\Logout option.

3. At the Supervisor Login dialog box, enter the supervisor’s password. (The default password is “tops software” case insensitive)

The October 2018 Microsoft Update for Windows 10, Build 1809, created a color issue with TOPS Pro and MaxLoad Pro causing all rendered graphics to appear purple.

We have recently created a software patch to fix this issue.

Please contact your MVP Account Manager, Solutions Advisor, or our Technical Support Team if you are in need of this software patch.

All TOPS Software products – TOPS Pro (including LoadStak and PackStak), Maxload Pro, TOPSsPAC, ePACPlus, Black Box Server (BBS), and WebApps, do not use the Log4J library and not susceptible to this vulnerability.

Troubleshooting & Implementation

Yes, you can!

For a single Citrix server, (or any RDP software) you would install TOPS Pro directly to the server, like a stand-alone license, but it would still be licensed as a network so that it can be shared between multiple users. After installation, you would need to grant permissions to all users and publish the TOPS shortcut to your remote users.

If this is a server farm, you will need to have a single back end server used for the initial installation, and then each front end RDP server would function as a client, just like you would in a LAN situation. (You would run WAN Setup for each “client machine” server, and you would then publish shortcuts from the front end servers to the remote clients.)

For more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Technical Support team.

1. Start by installing the software on the new machine, using either your download link or CD. If you need a replacement, please contact our MVP Team.

2. After the software is installed on the new machine, you will need to activate the license. At this point you will have to contact our technical support team.

3. Once the new install is up and running, you will need to migrate your old data over. If the new install is the same version as the old install, you can simply Copy and Paste the old data into the new install folder. But, if your new install is a newer version, you will need to export the old data using TOPS Pro Config, then Import again using TOPS Pro Config. We are happy to assist with this process if necessary.

4. Once the data is migrated over, delete your old installation.

Other than the files in the TOPSPro directory and its subdirectories, TOPS Pro makes the following adjustments to your system:


  1. It creates a TOPSPRO.INI file in the local Windows directory
  2. It creates the icons/shortcuts used to start the program
  3. Folder ..\topsapps\topspro_xxx\ may need deleting as well

This message most often occurs when someone has logged into TOPS Pro and had an unexpected exit like a crash or lost network connection. Because the user was not gracefully logged out, TOPS Pro thinks the user is still logged in. If someone attempts to login as the same person, TOPS Pro will warn them with the message, “User already logged in. Replace?” Answer Yes to log that person off the system and allow the new user to login.

If you login as someone other than the user who crashed out, TOPS Pro issues the message, “Maximum of N users already logged in.” The “N” value is normally one unless you’ve purchased additional user licenses. You can get around this message with one of two options: (1) Login as the same person that crashed, then log him or her out, or (2) Login as supervisor in the TOPS Pro Config program, open the File Menu and Select User List to Logout any extra user (s).

You’ve probably logged in with a user name other than one you used when you saved the analyses.

Each user’s analyses are only visible to him or her and to someone logged in as Supervisor.

If you login in as Supervisor, open the File menu and select Open, you can see everyone’s work with their name after it. 


Go to Export → Analysis, and then you can use Ctrl or shift to highlight multiple analysis, if desired, and export them as a .txt file that can easily be emailed to other TOPS users. They can then import the file using Import → Import TOPS Data.

Yes, you can design a new box in Artios or Impact CAD, export it to TOPS to find an optimal pallet layout and bring it back to the CAD programs.

For more detailed information about how to set up TOPS Pro integration with Artios, please refer to this document:

Interfacing With Artios CAD

For more detailed information regarding integration with ImpactCAD, please contact our Technical Support team.

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