Packaging Design and Pallet Layout Software – save corrugated and packaging materials & costs

TOPS Pro is a packaging design and pallet layout software developed to assist packaging professionals in creating optimal packaging designs and pallet pattern layouts. With TOPS Pro, users can easily determine the optimum package size, product quantity, arrangement and pallet layout and configuration.

With TOPS Pro, packaging engineers can oversee all stages of the packaging design on one single, easy-to-use user interface. The program uses a powerful, real-time 3D graphics engine to let you see what you are designing while you’re creating it.  Use TOPS Pro to perform “what if” scenarios like adding or removing an intermediate pack, changing carton dimensions, adding overhang to the pallet layout or limiting the number of layers for each load.

Additionally, TOPS Pro can help users create sustainable packages by selecting the optimal board grade, generating stable pallet loads to minimize product damage with stacking analysis, and saving on shipping costs by optimizing all transit loads. It helps organizations improve their bottom line and at the same time, be environmentally friendly.

Configure Pallet Layout

Evaluate ideal arrangements of a master case on a pallet to enhance packaging design, cubic efficiency, store displays, load stability, and warehousing operations. 

  • Optimize pallet layout, pattern and condiguration.
  • Alternate layers and modify patterns.
  • Add pallet layout accessories including slip sheets, pads, straps, caps and trays, and corner posts.
  • Combine two pallet layer patterns on the same pallet load.
  • Compare and report loads on different pallet types and sizes.
  • Add slave pallets for improved material handling.
  • Optimize pallet layout for bundled knocked down boxes.

Calculate Carton or Shipcase Size

Use TOPS Pro to optimize packaging design including quantity, arrangement, and product orientation while determining the best master carton size for maximum pallet layout efficiency.

  • Decide on a new shipcase size based on dimension and quantity of product.
  • Determine the best arrangement and quantity of product inside an existing stock shipping case.
  • Trim your box inventory, have TOPS Pro select the optimal case from existing box suite.
  • Utilize the interactive carton sizer for unique layout scenarios of product inside the shipcase.

Optimize Product Size

Use TOPS Pro to determine the product, intermediate pack, or tray size for an optimized shipping carton.

  • Revisit retail product sizes and explore new dimensions.
  • Determine the best fit and product count inside a new or existing carton.
  • Maximize product quantity on the pallet.
  • Use predefined product shapes including cartons, bottles, milk cartons, bags, cans, stand up pouches, blister packs and tubs to easily define your product. 
  • Invert and nest bottles and tub products to maximize use of space.
  • Apply graphics for realistic rendering.

Calculate Stacking Strength

TOPS Pro stacking strength analysis provides calculations based on the McKee formula to help users determine what board combinations are available and suitable for quality assurance. Observe various board combination options with varying ECTs to find the right safety margin.

Environmental Factors: The analysis takes into consideration environmental elements such as humidity, storage time, and multi skid stacking. Apply factors affecting corrugate integrity such as air, truck, or ocean transport.

Unitload Data: How boxes are stacked on the pallet contributes to the stability of the load – a column stacked pattern with aligned corners and sides creates a support beam structure in the unitload. Presence and amount of overhang and layer rotation will also affect stability of the loads.

Board Grades and Papers: TOPS Pro comes with a database of standard board grades and papers. You can also enter all of your custom values for liners, mediums, fluting and board combinations in the TOPS Configuration program and have them ready to go the next time you run a stacking strength analysis.

Product and Divider Support: Include weight bearing factors for sturdy products and additional packaging such as dividers for support calculation.

Create Display Pallets

Use TOPS’ MixPro module to create mixed trays and pallets for club store display.  Drag and drop cartons, change box orientation, or automatically create layer patterns to quickly create the Point of Purchase display that meets your specifications. 

Marketing teams and brand owners can quickly create big box store displays with accurate case and pallet dimensions.

  • Utilize our C.A.S.Y. module to create realistic primary packs for both symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes to be modeled on your mixed tray or display pallet.
  • Step-by-step placement reports for the accurate creation of the mixed display pallet.
  • Adhere to club store parameters by selecting the maximum height, overhang, and style of pallet for your optimized marketing display. 

Cube Out Trucks and Containers

Based on the carton dimensions and pallet layouts optimized from TOPS, determine the optimal configurations to cube out a truck or container, as straight floor loads, on pallets, or a combination of both.

  • Standardize order quantities through optimized truck load, pallet load, and layer load configurations.
  • Illustrate end to end metrics for case counts, pallet load counts, and truck load amounts for every stage of product packaging.

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