Warehouse Management

Define warehouse space in MaxLoad to plan storage and manage inventory

“Just in Time” Deliveries Made Easy

In the world of Warehouse Management, it is crucial to balance inventory availability with production needs.

In the ideal scenario, any production facility has exactly the parts on-hand that are necessary for any given point in time. With too much product on hand, you must spend time and resources to store excess. With too little product on hand, you can get stuck waiting for product in order to run your line.

MaxLoad Pro helps the Warehouse Management professional by assisting with delivery forecasting. 

You can easily import data using Excel spreadsheets, or directly interface with the databases of your existing inventory management/WMS software. Once imported, MaxLoad Pro can calculate your order data to show how much space inside a given container will be filled.

If your container is overfilled, you can then decide what to do with your CutList of items that did not fit.

If the container is underfilled, you can look at your forecasted orders for upcoming days, to see if it would make sense to combine the orders into one single shipment.

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