Take the guess work out of cargo load planning – Know and show before you ship

Truck and Container Loading

  • Determine the number of trucks or containers needed for the order or shipment.
  • 40′ or 40′ HC containers? Compare solutions to find the best mix of vehicles to optimize cube usage and minimize costs.
  • Load SKUs as floor loads, uniform pallets or in mixed pallets with other SKUs. 
  • Load trucks according to stop offs and loading priority of SKUs.
  • Enforce load rules and stack codes to minimize product damage.
  • Loads cylindrical, L-shaped, trapezoidal and bundled SKUs.
  • Import SKUs and order data in from Excel, SAP, ordering or other ERP systems.
  • Interface MaxLoad Pro with your TM, WM, or ERP systems to seamlessly transfer SKU and relevant order data.

Create Stable Mixed Pallets

  • With 3D load diagrams, get actual calculations, not estimates for stable layer mixed pallets.
  • Optimize LTL orders by calculating the number of pallets needed to fulfill an order.
  • Know what SKUs are on each pallet and how to build the pallets.
  • Improve factory automation through accurate SKU placement data to Robotic Palletizers.
  • Provide accurate case sequence data for AS/RS systems.
  • Provide picking data to drive voice based and other electronic picking systems.
  • Integrate with routing and WMS software.
  • Customizable pallet building requirements.
  • Ability to run in pure Server Mode “Black Box” and send picking information electronically to build pallets.

Customer Service

  • At the time of order entry, calculate freight metrics for planning or consolidation of orders.
  • Convert customer orders to pallet or truck/container orders for improved freight quoting.
  • Use MaxLoad to calculate the floor space consumed, analyze the remaining linear feet, then accurately increase order quantities to “make the most of every inch.”
  • Quickly compare orders as palletized, dead stacked, or mixed loads to fit your business needs.
  • At the time of order entry, improve communications with customers by providing a shipment summary, load list and contents of each pallet and truck/container.
  • Reduce loading errors and LTL shipments by eliminating the costly “it does not fit” scenario.

Logistics / 3PL

  • Calculate floor space for less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) freights.
  • Plan LTL freights using priority groups, stops, and orders.
  • Allow different loading profiles for different customers.
  • Create loading diagrams with step-by-step instructions.
  • Placement reports and load summaries provide shipment details.
  • Plan drop shipments using load priority or stop offs.
  • Multiple options for weight-balancing: segmented loads, axle weights, manual adjustments, etc.

Warehouse Management

  • MaxLoad integrates with AS/AR warehouse pick routine.
  • Increase productivity with more cases handled per hour.
  • Provide exact SKU loading sequence and location.
  • Plan order shipments in advance to keep optimized inventory levels.

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