Determines Retail Package or Product Siz

Optimum Sizing & Quantities for Retail Package

Use TOPS Pro to determine the optimum size for retail packages, from product size, to intermediate packs and trays and shipping carton.

Companies use TOPS Pro to maximize the number of products on a pallet. With TOPS Pro, they can also revisit their product sizing and explore new dimensions to determine the best fit inside a new or existing carton, and to maximize its quantity on the pallet to save on shipping costs.

To find the optimal product size, users will specify the shape of the product, enter the minimum and maximum dimensions and increments to be considered, as well as the quantity to be packaged.  TOPS will provide and list the solutions based on the quantity of products packaged depending on the input parameters.

How can TOPS Pro Optimize the Size of Your Retail Packages? Here’s an Example!

Before TOPS Pro: 1600 Cartons per Skid

As an example, imagine you are preparing the retail package for a current product.

The product carton currently measures 6 inches (long)  x  2 inches (wide)  x 4 inches (high) – using inside dimensions. Therefore the product carton has an internal volume of 48 cubic inches.

Your case-pack is 10 products per box, in a 5  x  2  x  1 arrangement.

This results in case outside dimensions of 12.438″  x  10.5″  x  4.75″.

On a GMA Notched pallet with maximum height 56 inches and 1 inch of overhang allowed on all sides, the absolute MAXIMUM number of cases you can achieve is 160 cases, or 1600 total cartons. (16 cases per tier, 10 tiers high.)

After TOPS Pro: 50 More Cartons per Skid

Using TOPS Pro’s New Primary Pack Size analysis, you can enter in potential new minimum and maximum sizes for each dimension.


TOPS Pro will show you the calculated minimum and maximum volume from these dimensions. In this example, perhaps you want to ensure that the VOLUME stays the same before and after.

So, we enter in the parameters as follows.

For the Length:   5.75″  –  6.25″
For the Width:     1.75″  –  2.25″
For the Height:    3.75″  –  4.25″
Then we set the volume to ONLY accept 48 in³

Using these parameters, and keeping our shipcase settings the same as before, TOPS Pro calculates a NEW carton size of:

6.25″  x  2.00″  x  3.84″, and the volume STILL = 48 in³

Using these new dimensions, you can now pack 1650 cartons per pallet load, with the same case-pack and no lost product volume!

Product/Primary Package Support

  • Supported product shapes include cartons, bottles, milk cartons, bags, cans, stand-up pouches, blister packs and tubs.
  • Nest and/or invert bottles and tubs to maximize space inside intermediate packs or shipping carton.
  • Use from a host of pre-defined shapes or use the C.A.S.Y. Primary module to create new shapes.
  • Add graphics or company logos to different sides of the products to create more realistic simulations.
  • Pack products individually or have them in bundles or intermediate packs.

Design Intermediate Packer or Tray

  • Use the C.A.S.Y. Tray feature to create custom trays or handholds.
  • Add dividers or pads in between layers.
  • Specify flute and board grade to meet ECR and ECT tests.

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